Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

S&H Bail Bonds is proud to serve the city of Beverly Hills CA. Our bail bonds company has been providing bail bonds in Beverly Hills CA and the surrounding cities for over four decades.

Beverly Hills CA is a great place to reside and a great place to run a business. The town will serve you well if you give back to the community. Our Beverly Hills bail bonds agents always complain that they just don’t know which restaurant to eat at and that there are too many good restaurants to choose from. Some of our other agents would beg to differ.

The Beverly Hills bail bonds office is kept fairly busy and if you read the news at all, you’ll understand why. The Beverly Hills jail is kept pretty full and most of the defendants are getting bailed out.

Most of the time our bail bonds agents are bailing people out for domestic violence charges. In Beverly Hills CA our bail bonds agents are splitting their efforts between a few charges; drugs, theft, and domestic violence. It seems that because of the horrendously expensive stores located in Beverly Hills CA, theft does happen. And also, these stores usually have very expensive cameras and security system. Thieves beware.

The drugs charges are normal for an area like Beverly Hills CA, its almost like white collar crime. There is drug use by the descendants of the affluent.

Domestic Violence charges happen in any community. Domestic Violence is usually the most widely charged crime. In LA County this crime almost always gets bail bonds. Ever since the OJ Simpson trials, the Police in every community in California usually arrest first and ask questions later. Most of the domestic violence bail bonds costs are between $25,000 and $50,000. So the next time you feel like yelling or pushing your wife, take a big step back, not only is that the wrong thing to do, to get out of jail you’ll be set back between $2500 and $5000.